Taisch's ArmageddonMUSH Page

(work in progress)

ArmageddonMUSH is an online, multi-player roleplaying game, set in the
dark times after the end of the world prophesied in the Book of Revelation.
Players take on the roles of humans, angels, demons, and fae in an all-text
medium: typing to each other what their characters do or say, mediated by
staff members and special commands that represent particular actions in the
Armageddon world.

25-Mar-2001: More logs (Ardin's lecture on the mecha-chimera)

30-Nov-2000: More logs added (Raid on the UG, mecha-chimera, gnats)

27-Oct-2000: Recommendations from the bulletin board moved off the MUSH to the web site.

1-Sep-2000: Blessed Council RP log added

20-Aug-2000: Timelines updated.

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